File NumberCountySale DateSale TimeProperty AddressStarting BidEnding BidBid TypeSale Status
49690Carbon05/03/201809:45AM585 Dover Circle, Price86,240.0086,240.00Specified BidSold back to beneficiary
51710Salt Lake05/03/201809:45AM1136 East Sego Lily Drive, Sandy 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 6/15/2018
39158Salt Lake05/03/201809:45AM3353 West 7000 South, West Jordan0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC Closed
45952Weber05/03/201810:30AM559 East 3200 North, North Ogden0.000.00No Bid yetPostponed to 6/15/2018
51443Cache05/03/201812:00PM3197 North 3200 West, Benson 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 6/4/2018
48753Davis05/04/201809:30AM1196 North 225 West, Centerville0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC on hold
45130Davis05/04/201809:30AM1072 West 900 North, Farmington0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC on hold
47852Utah05/07/201809:00AM1593 West 980 South, Orem0.000.00No Bid yetPostponed to 6/8/2018
44240Salt Lake05/07/201809:45AM3576 South Mason Vista Way, Magna0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled
42362Duchesne05/07/201812:00PM4968 North State Road 121, Roosevelt152,000.00152,000.00Specified BidSold back to beneficiary
41811Weber05/08/201810:30AM3139 East 5400 North, Liberty280,607.00280,607.00Specified BidSold back to beneficiary
50608Weber05/08/201810:30AM2530 Harrison Boulevard, Ogden87,913.3887,913.38Total Debt BidSold to 3rd party
51716Tooele05/09/201804:30PM383 East Vine Street, Tooele0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
49295Salt Lake05/10/201809:45AM1133 West River Crest Circle, South Jordan 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC Closed
41417Salt Lake05/10/201809:45AM8126 South Pheasant Run Circle, West Jordan 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC closed
51722Weber05/10/201810:30AM3799 West 5575 South, Roy 0.00No Bid yet 
51445Iron05/10/201803:00PM429 West 1600 North, Cedar City127,845.21127,845.21Total Debt BidSold to 3rd party
51085Washington05/10/201804:30PM137 East Arrowweed Way, Washington 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC is closed
43942Utah05/11/201809:00AM389 East 1090 North, Orem0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
51715Salt Lake05/11/201809:45AM11383 South 1300 East, Sandy0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
44466Salt Lake05/11/201809:45AM1447 East Mulberry Way, Sandy0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
43272Salt Lake05/11/201809:45AM9958 Countrywood Drive, Sandy0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled / FC on hold
39689Salt Lake05/11/201809:45AM874 West Millrace Park Court, Taylorsville0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK Filed
46839Iron05/11/201803:00PM5220 North 2800 West, Cedar City0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC closed
45422Salt Lake05/14/201809:45AM3316 South Sidney Way, Magna0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC closed
51721Salt Lake05/14/201809:45AM4590 West 5540 South, Salt Lake City 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/Paid in full
51720Salt Lake05/14/201809:45AM4767 Pin Tail Court, Salt Lake City162,843.34162,843.34Total Debt BidSold to 3rd party
38060Salt Lake05/14/201809:45AM4043 South 4800 West, West Valley City0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
51697Washington05/14/201804:30PM701 East 900 South #43, Saint George163,083.68163,083.68Total Debt BidSold to 3rd party
47840Davis05/15/201809:30AM185 East 1400 South, Bountiful294,424.97294,424.97Total Debt BidSold back to beneficiary
47845Weber05/15/201810:30AM325 East 2550 North #92, North Ogden54,740.2854,740.28Total Debt BidSold to 3rd party
49720Weber05/15/201810:30AM1945 East 5675 South, Ogden0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC closed
51740Weber05/15/201810:30AM886 Wood Street, Ogden 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 6/14/2018
51699Weber05/15/201810:30AM5 Yale Drive, South Ogden 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC Closed
49746Salt Lake05/17/201809:45AM5724 South 590 West, Murray0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
49420Carbon05/17/201809:45AM513 South Rose Avenue, Price61,760.8261,760.82Total Debt Bid 
51427Weber05/17/201810:30AM2404 North 750 West, Harrisville 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/Loan Reinstated
50381Weber05/17/201810:30AM2366 South F Avenue, Ogden0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC closed
50965Weber05/17/201810:30AM2090 West 5800 South, Roy0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC closed
42681Salt Lake05/18/201809:45AM12556 South Brundisi Way, Herriman0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
49737Salt Lake05/18/201809:45AM12563 South Starlite Hill Lane, Herriman 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC on hold
51702Sevier05/18/201812:00PM370 North 100 West, Salina54,718.0954,718.09Total Debt Bid 
51375Utah05/21/201809:00AM4125 Parker`s Place, Eagle Mountain 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC on hold
43242Utah05/21/201809:00AM752 West 400 South, Provo161,700.00161,700.00Specified Bidsold to the beneficiary
49860Utah05/21/201809:00AM268 West 100th South, Spanish Fork 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 6/20/2018
50363Salt Lake05/21/201809:45AM5456 South Edgewood Drive, Salt Lake City 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 7/5/2018
51082Salt Lake05/21/201809:45AM1594 West Sunset Avenue, Salt Lake City aka West Valley City0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled / FC on hold
51757Salt Lake05/21/201809:45AM3268 South 4840 West, West Valley City 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC is closed
50055Wasatch05/21/201803:30PM2945 South 1800 East, Heber City0.000.00No Bid yetSale Postponed to 5/31/18
51095Washington05/21/201804:30PM4803 Ironwood Drive, St. George0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC on hold
50025Tooele05/21/201804:30PM1363 East 270 South, Tooele0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC is closed
50161Weber05/22/201810:30AM1287 North Fowler Avenue, Ogden0.000.00No Bid yetSale postponed to 6/21/18
51763Weber05/22/201810:30AM928 North Liberty Avenue, Ogden 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 6/21/2018
50405Weber05/22/201810:30AM2005 West 4800 South, Roy 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC Closed
50372Box Elder05/22/201811:15AM645 North 500 East, Brigham City 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 6/21/2018
44579Tooele05/23/201804:30PM637 East Main Street, Grantsville0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled / BK filed
50929Salt Lake05/24/201809:45AM9763 David Street, Sandy 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC on hold
37190Weber05/24/201810:30AM2606 West 2450 North, Farr West 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC on hold
43549Weber05/24/201810:30AM2632 East 6025 South, Ogden0.000.00Specified BidSale Cancelled/Loan Reinstated
50522Weber05/24/201810:30AM341 7th Street, Ogden0.000.00Specified BidSale Cancelled/FC is closed
38486Davis05/29/201809:30AM220 Barbara Avenue, Layton0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
43905Weber05/29/201810:30AM5571 South 150 East, Washington Terrace0.000.00No Bid yetSale postponed to 6/28/18